PhotoHunter is here!

PhotoHunter is here!

After a while, i finished my first GCompris activity. Merging my code to the master makes me happy and motivates me to continue contributing. It’s nice to see that my work is appreciated and know it will help children from all around the world develop their skills while having fun at the same time.

Let me introduce you to PhotoHunter:

PhotoHunter is an activity which aims to develop the user’s observations skills and enhance his attention for details. The objective is to find a given number of differences between two similar images displayed on the screen. The two images are placed one next to the other in Desktop mode and one above the other in portrait mode.

When the user finds a difference, he can tap on it, and it will be revealed in the right/bottom image, to match the model image. On the bottom-right corner, there is a counter, which indicates how many differences you discovered and how many you still need to find.

While working at PhotoHunter, i encountered several problems and difficulties but with research and help from the GCompris community, especially from the mentors, i managed to solve them. It has been a great experience and i learned a lot during its development.

Having my code accepted by the mentors and developers of GCompris means a lot. It gives me a sentiment of fulfillment and satisfaction and it makes me feel more positive about finishing my other activity – Share. Regarding my future work at GCompris, porting PhotoHunter gave me a better idea of how i should approach my tasks, especially during the Google Summer of Code program.

PhothHunter will be available in the 0.6 release, but if you want to see it and test it or give it a try, you can build GCompris from sources, by cloning the GitHub repo.
A video preview of PhothHunter is also available on YouTube.


P.S.  Thank you for all the help and suggestions i received during the development of PhothHunter.


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